About Us

Friends of Heart, a fund of the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation, is working with West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center to expand the level of care and services offered to the heart patients of West Tennessee. Our main goal is to bring cutting edge technology and resources to our own communities.


To develop a community led and community focused approach to ensuring the best heart and vascular care for West Tennessee

Friends of Heart will, for the first time, combine clinical and community-minded individuals to ensure the best cardiac care continues to be available in West Tennessee.

All money and donations raised for Friends of Heart stays here local within West TN through the WTH Foundation.

Four key initiatives:

  • Increase Opportunities for Clinical Research and Technological Advancement in West Tennessee
  • Develop and fund better community outreach, education and resource development
  • Develop a mechanism for improved staff education and development
  • Construction of the first integrated Heart Hospital within our 18 county region

Contact Emily.garner@wth.org

Thank you to our 2017 Corporate Sponsors

Founding Members:

  • Harbert Alexander
  • Dr. Alex and Sheri Alperovich
  • Dr. Douglas Appleyby
  • Anita Kay Archer
  • Bob Arrington
  • Judy Arrington
  • Michael Bailey
  • Dr. John and Beth Baker
  • Dr. Shawn and Adriane Baldwin
  • Joe Barker
  • Dr. Heath and Ellen Broussard
  • Mark Bedwell
  • Dr. Jason Cherry
  • Dr. Sandra Dee
  • Jimmy Exum
  • Val Exum
  • Charlie Garrett
  • Harry Graves
  • Dr. Arthur and Andrea Grimball
  • Dr. John and Laura Guidi
  • John and Vicki Hale
  • Mayor Jimmy Harris
  • Dennis and Dee Henderson
  • Sheila Henderson
  • Greg Jackson
  • Young Kim
  • Darrell and Tracy King
  • Craig and Suzanne Laman
  • Brad and Betsy Little
  • Steve and Christy Little
  • Curtis Mansfield
  • Randy McKinnon
  • Greg Milam
  • John Miller
  • Dr. John and Vicky Neblett
  • Ted and Tricia Nelson
  • Drs. Michael and Karen Osayamen
  • Marty Phillips
  • Dr. Lisa Piercey
  • Charles Rahm
  • Bill Richardson
  • James and Cindy Ross
  • Preston and Charlotte Shivley
  • Dr. Eric and Laura Sievers
  • Janet Silver
  • Michael Silver
  • Larry and Frannie Smith
  • Roger Smith
  • Todd Swims
  • Kayla Taylor
  • Traci Mullins
  • Randy and Deann Thelen
  • Chuck Thompson
  • Danny and Belinda Waynick
  • Danny Wheeler
  • Sharon Younger